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Legendary voice: Star Road tuning garage- Friday Video

Video Option has a regular recurring series called Legendary Voice. This series will make a portrait of a legend from the automotive scene. Their latest video is zooming in on the man behind the Star Road tuning garage: Masatsugu Inoue.

Masatsugu Inoue, the man behind Star Road
Masatsugu Inoue, the man behind Star Road

Star Road is a tuning house that originated in the 1980s. He was determined to do whatever he liked until the age of 25 and then settle on a job. But by the time he turned 25, he never settled on a job. Being a street racer himself, he knew all too well what people wanted and then started building his own aero parts and tuning cars. His speciality is with the Nissan Fairlady S20 platform.

You can watch the entire documentary below:

Top Gear missed it’s chance with the Toyota Comfort GT-Z!

Today I watched the second episode of the new Top Gear season (season 20 already!) where Hammond organized a Taxi race. In this race he featured taxis from various countries like Russia, India, South Africa but for some reason he left out Japan. Now this is a missed chance as Japan would have an adequate contentder:
Toyota Comfort GT-Z Supercharged SXS10
Okay, the supercharged 3S-FE may not be the most powerful of the whole bunch, but with its tweaked suspension it probably would have beaten the competition in half a lap… Or could it be that they were actually frightened?

See the full video of the Comfort GT-Z here: Continue reading

Video Option: Motoharu Kurosawa tests the Leopard F31

Long before Keiichi Tsuchiya earned his stripes in racing Motoharu Kurosawa dominated the Japanese GP in his hakosuka Skyline GT-R. The same happened with reviewing cars for Video Option magazine: long before we became familiar with Keiichi pushing any Japanese sports/racing/tuned car to the limit on a touge run Motoharu Kurosawa was doing the same:
Motoharu Kurosawa tests the Leopard F31 for Video Option

Looking at this September 1988 review of the Nissan Leopard F31 it becomes clear a lot has changed in the past 24 years, for instance the tests that mattered: Continue reading

Video Option covering drifting in 1992

A long long time ago drifting was not a popular sport and Keiichi Tsuchiya wasn’t in every Video Option, Hot Version or Drift Tengoku episode you could find! Even covering the drift scene was quite rare! However in those early days Video Option was actually one of the few to cover that scene at all!

The following video from 1992 covers the street drifting, organized drifting and even a few of the “bloopers”:

Amazing! Nobody would even think about using a Nissan Skyline GC110 for drifting nowadays! They are simply worth too much and they are almost as rare as a KPGC10 nowadays! Imagine what people will think in 15 years of us using Skyline R32s and Toyota AE86es for drifing! ;)

What Keiichi Tsuchiya did do was being a judge in drift competitions! This second part covers the Fukuoka National Racing competition:

Amazing! Keiichi Tsuchiya was, just like Daijiro Inada, young back then! :D

It is funny to see him freak out on a Nissan Silvia S13 locking up the rear wheels with the handbrake and drift through the corner at 20 km/h! Imagine that the current slowmotion replays of the D1GP have quicker cornering than that! :D

Of course I do understand that back then the skill mattered more than entry speed. Looking at the result of that match the AE86 did win fair and square!

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