Jalopnik posted an item about a Hakosuka Skyline racing one lap on Fuji Speedway. Little did they know about the driver nor his history with the Hakosuka. :(

The driver is Motoharu “gan-san” Kurosawa who is a regular on Best motoring. Motoharu Kurosawa has a long racing career, but most of his career he was a factory driver for Nissan and Honda. So of course he raced the Hakosuka during its glory years!

Here you can see the (narrated) Best Motoring video of him being reunited with the Hakosuka on Fuji Speedway:

I also found old footage of him doing the same, but then back in 1970, so about 38 years before the video above:

In this second video he’s clearly doing a show run for television, so he’s not going flat out. Also note that the road of Fuji Speedway used to be much bumpier than nowadays!