A colleague of mine passed me this US trailer of a Japanese movie called Big Man Japan. The movie itself was already made in 2007 by Hitoshi Matsumoto under the name Dai-Nipponjin. The plot is quite simple: a man is able to transform into a big sumo-like giant and defend Japan from all sorts of alien attacks:

The giraffe/chicken-like alien with his head and neck where his penis should be is simply brilliant! I really need to see this movie! :)

Somehow it did remind me of the Tech Romancer (Choukousenki Kikaioh) game on the Dreamcast. To refresh your memory on tech romancer:

The music of this video is fitting really well! :D

It also reminded me of this video I saw on IZ Reloaded two weeks ago… It was announced as the worst fighting scene ever! Judge for yourself:

For me it was the worst fighting scene I saw! Especially the punch line at the end is the worst!!

Looking at the comments on the imbd entry of this movie makes me worry:
This is Cynthia’s best movie she ever made … she plaid she show us her talent and that girl s fight back.
If this is her best movie I fear the worst for her other movies! :D