I really couldn’t stop laughing and watching Cooking with dog videos on Youtube!

Can you make anything of that Engrish?

I think it is very comparable with the early Tell Sell commercials in Holland: they were very badly synchonized and the usage of the Dutch language was simply awful. But they were very popular with the viewers just because they were so terribly wrong! To give you an impression how it sounded watch these (badly synchonized) parodies:
Sumsing Turbo 3000 Xi Multitask
Carpet Invisible

The bad Engrish of Francis the dog is so bad it is almost impossible not to watch the videos till the end! I personally can’t make much of the receipes but fortunately at the end they give a list of ingredients, so you can still make that yummy Nabeyaki Udon or that delicious Onigiri!

Especially this episode is really bizarre: Bukkake Udon!

I love the remark made by Francis the dog:
This is a great recipe in hot summer! It may be difficult to find some of the ingredients but you can try it yourself!
Try it yourself??? Hilarious! :D :D