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Hilarious: GTR vs GTR

We all did see videos of GTRs versus the AE86, or two AE86 versus the R34. GTR versus GTR? You probably think I found a video of a Carina GTR versus a Skyline GTR… Well, wrong: never before did we see a Skyline GTR KPGC10 (Hakosuka) versus the Skyline GTR BNR32:

When I watched this I really thought WTF!? This is really early 90s stuff looking at the haircuts. These guys really look what we would call bosozoku nowadays: black long jackets and pompadour haircuts. Of course that was fashion for the tough guys back then, just like the mullets in the US and Europe! ;)

Kenji, the guy in the KPGC10 Skyline is apparently the good guy and the bad guy drives the brand new BNR32 Skyline. Kenji is a high school student who works at his fathers gas station who also owns a Skyline KPGC10. However he has to work somewhere else part time (labor shortage) and thats where he meets the bad guy, someone returning from Tokyo. Apparently one of his friends loses from this guy and Kenji seeks revenge. He learns from his uncle that his father used to be a mountain drifter and his uncle teaches him how to drift. That’s about where this finale kicks in. ;)

Hey! Myth ~ Quickening ~ OIRAZU Skyline
Hey! Myth ~ Quickening ~ OIRAZU Skyline

I think I did see some of these parts somewhere before… Something with a father being an ex drifter, a mountainpass, an old RWD car, a gas station, a R32 as rival… Hmmm… What was that again?? Initial something??

Comparing this with the improvements in drifting over the past 18 years (that many already!) with this movie I really think the action and drifting stinks! Looking at the tiny unnecessary drifts he makes make the movie look really ridiculous and the race is not even sped up and really looks like they are doing 50 kilometers per hour or something! Comparing it against Shuto Trials makes this movie look like an even further blast from the past! Then again Shuto Trials had Keiichi Tsuchiya as stunts coordinator.. Anyway, I couldn’t stop laughing watching this exciting action! :D

Also the acting is excellent! When watching anime like Initial D you already get the feeling people are talking to themselves all the time. Well in this movie you get to see people talking to themselves while racing! Excellent transition from anime to life action, more or less something like watching Dragonball Z live action movie! :D

Anyway, in case you are really interested in this movie, the title of this movie is ????? ???????????? and this translates into something like Hey! Myth ~ Quickening ~ OIRAZU Skyline and was made in 1991.
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BTW: I spotted a 180SX and a S13 Silvia with the bad guys as well. ;)

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  1. Stanley Carter

    LOL! Wassup with the actor’s reactions when they’re racing? Looks more like a comedy to me, haha~

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