Carina Sightings: unknown wrecked Carina TA60 sedan

Carina Sightings: unknown wrecked Carina TA60 sedan

Another Carina Sighting from Flickr:
unknown wrecked Carina sedan
Unknown wrecked Carina sedan

Since the majority of the Carina sedans were all 2T engined I presume this is also a TA60 sedan. Since it’s got no headrests in the rear bench it is the same grade as mine: DX. Unfortunately there is no licenseplate so we can’t even guess where the car is from… A lot of guesswork here…

Anyway, the car has been wrecked: it got a good bump on the front and left fender and the right rear got a small dent as well. The interior looks like the car has been driven by the Swamp Thing himself. It probably wasn’t saved after these three pictures…

Would it have been in an accident or did a wannabe drifter loose control of the car when loosing traction (open diff!) on a muddy road?

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