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Carina sightings: Puppy saving Carina reposted on Youtube

December 31, 2008 in carina sightings by banpei

The puppy saving Carina GT-TR TA63 has been reposted on Youtube! Unfortunately the poster disabled embedding, so you can find the video under the link here:
Puppy saving Carina GT-TR TA63

Before I forget it: happy new year! 🙂

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Retro: 1995 Lancer Evo III GSR

December 29, 2008 in Retro by banpei

You probably think: another 1995 video? When will this end?? I came across this video of the Lancer Evo III on a different way than digging into the dungeons of Youtube. This video was made back in 1995 when the car was hot and new!

Just looking at the car makes me feel this is very 90s! The rideheight of the car is enormous compared to what we’re used to nowadays and the method of registration is more or less documentary like with the long shots and long interviews. Compare that to the modern style of Hot Version:

Ah well, it must be that we’re already 7 evos further, so in another 12 years we’ll laugh our asses off at the Hot Version videos. 😉

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Digidash standard feature of the early zenki Sprinter Trueno AE86?

December 27, 2008 in sprinter trueno by banpei

The Japanese cartuner Impulse is specialized in tuning and restoring Hachi Rokus (Toyota Corolla AE86). They are currently doing a terrific job on this 1983 Sprinter Trueno:
impulse 1983 Sprinter Trueno rebuild
1983 Sprinter Trueno rebuild

Zenki GT Apex wiring loom
Zenki GT Apex wiring loom

When running Google Translate on the page I got this translation under the wiring loom:
APEX based on vehicle type 1 for the first half of digital meters installed by default.
If I read this information correct the first batch of Zenki (type 1) GT Apex trim of the AE86 featured the digital dash by default. That would mean almost all 1983 and early 1984 hachis featuring a GT Apex trim should feature the digital dash unless the owner actually ordered the car with analogue dash. I tried to double check that with Carland86 and Goo-net and so far I could only verify that most early zenki (should that be zenki-zenki?) JDM Sprinter Trueno AE86s feature the digidash. Most of the Corolla Levins were all featuring the analogue cluster, so would it be a Sprinter Trueno only default? And would this also implicate Bunta Fujiwara did order a Trueno without digidash or that it is a late 1984 or early 1985 model??

To get back to the rebuild, look at how immaculate this rear bench is:
immaculate rear ae86 bench
An immaculate rear AE86 bench

Never seen anything like it!

Eventhough this Sprinter Trueno probably used to be red/black once (due to the brown interior) it looks stunning in white:
stunning panda ae86 painting
Stunning panda AE86 painting

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Hilarious: Last Christmas covers

December 26, 2008 in hilarious by banpei

Since it’s Christmas the hilarious posting should be Christmas related as well. 😉

It all started out with the Christmas wishes from JNC blog:

Oh man! This is corny!! All the boyband stuff!! And the worse is that we all know what they are singing!

Then I clicked through on related items and found this:

Crazy Frog!! Aaargh! I can’t believe anyone still thinks he’s funny!!

So I clicked quickly to the next related item:

“yoyo… yes i did!” 😀 😀

And when I thought it couldn’t get any better I found this one:

@2:20: “Merry christmas HO HO HO!”
They girl can’t sing (see @2:50) and the guys are trying to immitate Snoop Dogg with a very bad Engrish accent. 😉

Merry Christmas!! 😛

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Carina Sightings: V-Factory Carina AA63 on Meihan Sportsland

December 24, 2008 in carina sightings by banpei

Found this video on Youtube and it features, according to the info posted by the author, a Carina GT-R AA63 tuned by V-Factory. I tried to find info about V-Factory but I did not success so far… I did find this site, but it only mentions V-Factory to be in the Hyogo Prefecture.

This is the video featuring the AA63:

Anyone familiar with V-Factory or knows what their website is?

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Successor of the Hachi Roku in the fridge

December 23, 2008 in hachi roku by banpei

Well it’s the big news of today anyway and I already put it on the AEU86 twitter, so why not place it here again:
Toyota and Subaru have announced that, due to the financial crisis, they postponed their joint development of a small FR coupe (also known as the successor of the Toyota Corolla AE86) till at least 2012 while the originial plan was they would start with building late 2011.

Reason for this can be sought in the shrinking market for cars in Japan. The market has been shrinking for years now due to reliability of cars, but it became worse because of the financial crisis.

My gut feeling is that it will probably be postponed till 2013, but of course this does not mean it will never meet the market at all. At least it should temper the expectations of the car since it was over-hyped anyway.

This is how the car probably would look like:
Toyota and Subaru AE86 successor postponed till 2012
Artist impression of what the small FR coupe should look like

Original source:

I found the news already copied here (in order of time):