In may I posted this really nice Carina AA63:
Nicely tunde Carina AA63 leather covered wolf front view

Guess what I found on Goo-net:
Very familiar Carina AA63 with 20v on
Looks familiar?? On the first posting the van next to the carina has been removed and the surroundings have been blurred a bit more…

Nice thing is that we can read a bit more about the options on the car:
– Restorationnone (restorated??)
– 5 MT
– AC
– power steering
– plus power window
– 16-inch aluminum wheel (!)
– Aero parts attached
– Low-down configuration (do they mean lowered?)

And on the Japanse page it states the same as on the page of the garage:
5-valve turbo 4AG other interface details cooler oil cooler!

I think this is just about how I want my TA60 to become. :)
Only thing is that the car costs 1260000 yen, which is roughly 8700 euros (12000 dollars!). Compared to what it costs half a year ago (1630000 yen) that’s 25% lower already. Bargain!!
Anyone got a donation for me??? :P