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Carina Sightings: Count the carinas at the Japan A60 2008 meeting

This week another short sighting:
Count the toyota carina A60
Can you count all the Carinas in this picture?? ;)

I came to a total of 34 here, but I did not count the ones behind the group of people in the front row…
The extra difficulty is that this picture also contains Celica A60s (Supra MK2 is called Celica XX in Japan) and it is sometimes hard to distinguish a Carina Coupe rear from a Celica Liftback in the second or fourth rows.


  1. Anonymous

    I counted 38

  2. fulloc

    4th car in is an at141 corona sedan. almost a carina :) note the pointy front. they came out 4age and 3tgte among others.

  3. banpei

    You are right… :)
    I totally forgot to mention the Corona in the picture!

    Stupid thing is that the meeting was an Toyota A60 platform meeting, so the AT141 is a bit out of place here. ;)

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