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Konis installed on Carina

January 18, 2008 in ta60 by banpei

Yesterday my neighbor finally installed the Konis on the Carina. Normally I would have done it myself, but since I currently rather spend half a day with Olivér than with Carina I chose to pay my neighbor for it.

Unfortunately, apart from the supplier, it took him a lot longer than expected to find the time to do it.

Anyway, took the Carina for a quick spin yesterday and I found the front a lot better than before! Even before the right shock was broken the car already felt like I was riding a boat. Now it feels quite firm when weight-shifting the car (normal traction ws, not to be confused with ws for drifting 😛 ) and doing an emergency brake won’t make the front eat the tarmac anymore.

I’m very happy with them and can’t wait till we try some konis on the rear axle! 🙂

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AE86 nominated as Japanese musclecar of the 80s

January 15, 2008 in japanese by banpei

Jalopnik nominated the AE86 as Project Car Hell musclecar of the 80s and it is nominated against the Mitsubishi Starion.


The AE86 is a pretty cool car, of course, but these days it’s akin to what the ’69 Camaro was to my generation: just about the only old car that every high-school kid can identify.

You can find (and vote) here:
PCH, 80s Japanese Muscle Edition: AE86 or Starion?

I wished they would have taken my old AE86 as example of how the AE86 looks:
my old rusty ae86 trueno

instead of this:
ae86 by jalopnik

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Carina grille and headlights update 2

January 13, 2008 in rust by banpei

Opened the package and found it was very well packaged:
nicely packaged by Aazuma Trading

I found that the frames of the headlights are a bit more rusted that I thought…
rusted frame
I think I’ll make a template and try either to fix it (with glassfibre or welded) or to have it copied.

But in general these double headlights don’t look too bad.
double headlights

I found the grille being cracked on several places, but not beyond repair:
cracked grille

And last but not least, the full view of the JDM AA63 grille:
Full view of JDM AA63 grille

Only thing missing now are the yellow indicators.

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Konis have arrived!

January 13, 2008 in ta60 by banpei

Finally my Koni shocks have arrived!

I only ordered the front shocks as replacement for my broken shocks. The shocks are the same as AE86 since the struts of the AE86 and the TA6x and AA6x are exactly the same.

The picture shows a full set, which is intended to be sold through the AEU86 shop.
koni shocks

When Mux is finally replacing his rear Konis I’ll try to see if they also fit the TA60 live axle. 🙂

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Happy new year!

January 1, 2008 in Aazuma Trading by banpei

Happy new year!

Another year passed by and a lot happened this year:
– Finally restarted blogging on my site
– Became father of my son Olivér
– Bought the Carina
– etc.

Thankfully this year already started out great! I see that the front parts are already ready for delivery: they have already cleared customs yesterday, so I think they will arrive somewhere this week!