Google+ Groups

November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just read the news that Google added groups to Google+.
I’m not a big user of G+ but decided to give it a go and see how it develops. Also added their primitive widget to the menu on the right but I hope it will get replaced soon with the promising Facebookish full widget that was disabled as an option and announced as “coming soon”. 😉

You can find the Group here

Random: Google maps knows where Mt Akina is

April 11, 2009 in random

Yesterday Hashiriya Exports posted a video on Mt Hakone and commented that Mount Hakone is well known as being Mount Akina in Initial D. I thought this statement was wrong and looked it up since I did find some footage of drifting on Mount Hakone some time ago and also remembered Mount Haruna being Mount Akina… I feel a bit like an otaku correcting someone living in Japan when I never visited Japan myself!

Well, apparently I was not really thinking well and I accidentally entered Mount Akine as search phrase on Google maps and I was amazed I actually got a result and even could get directions from Hakone to Mount Akina:
Directions from Hakone to Mount Akina on Google Maps

So which Initial D freak working at Google Maps did enter Mount Akina as synonym for Mount Haruna?? 😀

Google-images not indexing image tags with single quotes?

October 10, 2008 in Google

Just some plain weirdness: Google Images stopped indexing my images some time ago and I’ve already tried several things to improve this. Up so far I did not succeed…

I did just notice that most of the image tags of the images indexed were all done with double-quotes instead of the current single quote I’m using… Perhaps that’s the answer why! So, let’s see in a couple of days if the indexed images are better! :)

Fast! Leather-covered wolf in sheep!

May 24, 2008 in 20v

While searching through Carina pictures in (search phrase “????”) I came across a really nicely done AA63:

AA63 leather covered wolf front view
AA63 leather covered wolf rear view
See more here

I don’t like the interior though: a bit too much ricer…

After translating the text through Google Translate I got some really nice grammar:
WANOFU created at the 5-valve 4 AG + BORUTOONTABIN NOTSU it is also an official car
MAPPINGUDETA, save the other.
Fast! Leather-covered wolf in sheep!
Back to old people and they may be macho (laughs)
Can you create a tuner
But in terms of maintenance questions or relieved?
It Big normally, it can wield a stylish car Official
Audio ENSUTA outside of a strange one on board?
We are embarked is the net price shops
Persistent strong-arm sales and sales also will
Please feel free to contact us online.

Read the full version

I know, online translations still suck, however most of the time the look okay. Didn’t see bad grammar like this for a long time now…


April 18, 2008 in Google

Someone created Googlopoly. Indeed: Google is getting more and more a monopoly, so it should be quite right.

As you can see on the board it contains a couple of names which Google didn’t acquire yet, however it’s only a matter of time… 😉

Googlopoly website
Click on the image to go to the original webpage of Googlopoly and see the full size image of the board.