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DOTS: 1984 Suzuki Alto SS40

February 28, 2010 in dots by banpei

I found another one for Beeoneoneoh:
Suzuki Alto SS40
Suzuki Alto SS40

This one was even more fresh than the previous Alto! I could not find any rust on this car, it had a better interior (non damaged dash!), better hubcaps and even one year older!

Suzuki Alto SS40
Suzuki Alto SS40

Apparently the new owner is also very fresh: the last ownership change was only 12 days ago! So when I spotted the car it was only in its owners possesion for 7 days!

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Galant Sigma Hardtop CS Extra

February 27, 2010 in hardtop by banpei

Remember the Galant Sigma Eterna I featured in the commercial time some time ago? It had also a commercial showing the Cyclone engine, so how about a video which allows you to hear that engine?

This Mitsubishi Sigma 2000 Hardtop CS Extra included the 2 liter 6G71 Cyclone engine. Super smooth two liter engine and with all the extras this car is an amazing achievement in engineering!

Also look at all that weird switch gear! Only manufacturer coming near to that was Citroen.

Even though the car looks great, is a super smooth ride, I still wouldn’t like to own it: it is not old enough. 😉

edit: forgot to add the videos! Added them now!

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Hilarious: Nissan 720 pickup with identity crisis

February 26, 2010 in hilarious by banpei

Now this Nissan 720 pickup surely has an identity crisis:
Nissan 720 Datsun VW pickup
Nissan 720 Datsun VW pickup

Now is that a Nissan, a Datsun or a VW? 😀

Of course the Japanese love, just like us, the foreign brands more than their own. 😉

Found at Life doodling.

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Random: beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12

February 25, 2010 in random by banpei

While JNC blog is still offline I started to search for the answer why the blog is offline on their forum. While doing so I stumbled upon RSilva’s beautifully restored Mark II:

">Beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12
Beautifully rebuilt Toyota Mark II RX12
The photography is astonishing: the retro look really fits both the model and the car! The photographer is probably either him or a family member since they share partly the same name. You can find more pictures of this beautiful Mark II either in the topic on JNC forum or on Filipe da Silva’s portfolio .

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Carina sightings: two Carinas and a Corona drifting

February 24, 2010 in carina sightings by banpei

More than two years ago I posted my wallpaper @ work:

Twin drifting aa63 carina 4dr, aa63 carina 2dr and T142 Corona 2dr coupe

Yes, two Carinas and a Corona doing a tandem drift!

Well, today you can see this exact picture in motion in this video:

The white Carina sedan is an AA63, the black Carina coupe is also an AA63 and the Corona is an AT142. That lovely sound is from the squealing the tires and those three 4AGEs screaming down that corner! I love it! :)

BTW: Currently I have a different wallpaper (to be precise: an orange Luxembourgh Levin), but I think this is a good reason to switch back to this one! 😉