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Hilarious: Clarkson Island

July 31, 2009 in hilarious by banpei

After watching this hilarious video by Harry and Paul I could not watch the latest episode of Top Gear anymore without thinking about…..pausing in the middle…..of the sentences!

The whole Z car battle of last Monday just looked silly compared against the Miata and Quattroporte comparison by Harry and Paul @2:40…

Ooowwwmygawd… that was funny!

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Commercial time: Honda Vigor promotional video

July 30, 2009 in commercial time by banpei

This week someone I follow on Youtube posted a promotional video of the Honda Vigor. This typically eighties stylish video was made in 1989 when the third generation Vigor was launched:

I’m not too sure about what it should say… Is it supposed to be a Luxury car for Italian lesbian Countesses? Or is is supposed to be a fun car for the driver (gear shifting with an automatic, jumping through narrow Italian streets)? Or is it supposed to say that anyone buying this drives a RHD car on the wrong side of the road? I don’t know, but maybe there is a hidden message behind that stylish eighties video…

Oh, and an Engrish mistake in the credits: apparently everyone but the cast is not considered human anymore:
Honda Vigor promotional video - Engrish error: Stuff instead of Staff
Honda Vigor promotional video – Engrish error: Stuff instead of Staff

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motorFIX AE70 wagon

July 29, 2009 in youtube by banpei

I really like this video and I don’t know why… I’m not sure if it is the music, the style or the amount of effort put into creating that crazy drifting AE70 Corolla wagon by motorFIX!

Thanks to Revolverdrift for the video! :)

If you’re interested in some more videos about motorFIX:
motorFIX videos found by TK
Exclusive interview with Sakai-san by
motorFIX on Youtube

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The salary man is Shigeo Nagashima!

July 28, 2009 in toyota corona by banpei

Almost two weeks ago I posted a couple of videos of Magnum P.I. like commercials by Toyota for the Mark II GX61. I was wondering why the salary man was in both commercials, but now Zeb from GX61 cleared that up: that man is Shigeo Nagashima, a professional baseball player who played with the Yomiuri Giants till 1974. After that he became the manager of the Yomiuri Giants till he got fired in 1980. After that he didn’t do anything till 1992 when he became manager of the Yomiuri Giants again.

To quote Zeb from GX61:
So THAT’s why these cars often have baseball bats on the parcel tray!

Probably the Toyota commercials funded his unemployment during the early eighties. He did a some more commercials than the two with the 1982 and 1983 GX61!
1981 Corona T130:
1981 Corona T130 commercial

1984 Mark II GX61:

And in 1988 he did a commercial for Visa:

Now what is that last commercial supposed to say?

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Toyota Century slammed by TFL?

July 27, 2009 in Toyota Century by banpei

The Toyota Century is an amazing car! I did see a Century from the 80s in the Louwman Collection museum and it is HUGE!

Personally I’m not that fond of slammed VIP cars, but when I watched this video of TFL taking care of the second generation Toyota Century:

It has got huge Brabus wheels, a fender pole, hovers 5 cm above the ground and let’s not forget that hum (which you can’t hear in the clip) from the huge 5 liter V12!