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Video: MotorFIX Corolla wagon better than ever!

On the 22nd of August the MotorFIX team did a short practice run on YZ Circuit East Course. The practice is meant for the triple drift competition in the upcoming MSC challenge: As you can see: the Corolla AE70 wagon is better than ever!

Japanese rustoseums (part four)

It is time for some more rustoseums! 🙂 Let’s start with this four door Nissan Skyline sedan: Nissan Skyline R32 4 door sedan As you can see it must have had some really big fender extenders which now have been removed. Would that mean the fender extenders were considered more expensive than the Skyline? What…

Japanese rustoseums (part three)

As promised: this time a Japanese rustoseums without a Toyota. Well, actually it is a one car only episode! 😉 Rustoseum: Nissan Skyline C210 Wagon As you can see: a terribly rusted Nissan Skyline C210 wagon! Rustoseum: Nissan Skyline C210 Wagon You can almost see through its door without using the window! 😉 Rustoseum: Nissan…