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Drive on the Shuto expressway Shinjuku route (1993 versus 2024) – Friday Video

My favourite Showa-nostalgic Youtube channel Kamepo posted another video: the Shuto Expressway on the Shunjuku route. This time you get a comparison between 1993 and 2024 and there are a lot of interesting cars to spot!

Shuto Expressway Shinjuku route 1993 versus 2024 - Suzuki Jimny
Shuto Expressway Shinjuku route 1993 versus 2024 – Suzuki Jimny


The highlights of this video are a Mazda RX7 FD on a flatbed, a French Citroën BX GTi 8v, two Toyota Prius-es (or Priora in Latin) XW50 and XW60, a Subaru BRZ ZD8, an Autozam Revue and also a Honda Integra coupé DA5.

Mazda RX7 FD on a flatbed

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Hilarious: Prius Super Silhouette racer!

At the Tokyo Auto Salon this year the Nihon Automobile College (NATS) made a couple of cars based upon another car. This Prius has been modified into a Celica Super Silhouette racer:
Prius Super Silhouette
Just imagine this Prius Super Silhouette going down the Fuji International Speedway in the Group 5 competition with a whopping 180 km/h with flames spitting out of th exhaust pipes right under the front doors! :D

The front mimics a Celica Super Silhouette racer and at the rear it shows some more Toyota Celica RA25 inspiration with the banana tail lights: Continue reading

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