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JDM Trivia #1: Side wipers on the GX81!

Since last weeks question did not get answered I decided to change the format a bit from Question of the Week to JDM Trivia!
JDM Trivia #1: Side Wipers on the GX81

Weekly JDM Trivia

Every week will explain some small weird fact on something with Japanese cars. At the end of the video I will give a teaser on next weeks trivia and you can guess what it is in the comments below. How does that sound?

Last weeks question

Last weeks question was “In the picture shown you can see some weird chindogu applied to a car. What is it and which car does it belong to? Watch the question being answered in the video below: Continue reading

Hilarious: drift mom and dad around Ebisu in a JZX90!

This brought a big grin on my face when I watched this video: Minihux from Dirft Colors (previously WeAreDrift) drifts his mom and dad around Ebisu circuit in a borrowed Cresta JZX90. Apparently his mom and dad weren’t that impressed…

Perhaps he went a bit soft on them…

Before you think the car switches from RHD to LHD all the time: minihux claims the camera was upside down in the car, so therefore he flipped the video, making it LHD. Makes sense since the paper stuck on the rear window is readable now and normally is only readable from the outside.

Commerical time: Yamasaki Tsutomu and the Cresta

It is always easy money for a celebrity to borrow his/her face for a TV commercial while on the other hand the car manufacturer boosts up the car sales on its fanbase. This won’t always work of course, but in the case of actor Yamasaki Tsutomu his role was chosen perfectly!

He is just as classy as his Cresta and his Cresta just as classy as he is!

These two video are actually a promotional video for the Cresta where all features of the Super Lucent Twincam 24 are compared next to each other:

Those 80s airu spoiler option settu and airu purifieru sounds really attractive to me!

And in the third video the engine, suspension and all models are compared to each other:

Even though Super Deluxe may sound attractive, it is actually under the Super Lucent. Also the Super Custom almost sounds like the ideal VIP car, it actually is an old fashioned diesel.

Found at [zumit2736 @ Youtube]

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