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Video Option: Motoharu Kurosawa tests the Leopard F31

Long before Keiichi Tsuchiya earned his stripes in racing Motoharu Kurosawa dominated the Japanese GP in his hakosuka Skyline GT-R. The same happened with reviewing cars for Video Option magazine: long before we became familiar with Keiichi pushing any Japanese sports/racing/tuned car to the limit on a touge run Motoharu Kurosawa was doing the same:
Motoharu Kurosawa tests the Leopard F31 for Video Option

Looking at this September 1988 review of the Nissan Leopard F31 it becomes clear a lot has changed in the past 24 years, for instance the tests that mattered: Continue reading

Keiichi Tsuchiya pre freshman series touge video (early 80s)

Do you remember this picture of the Drift King?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?
Two Keiichi Tsuchiyas?

I posted that picture of Keiichi Tsuchiya in his younger years half a year ago. Back then I judged from his glasses that it shot was before he did the Pluspy video and now I got proof of that! A new rogue video of Keiichi drifing in the early 80s emerged where he drifts several cars (including a Corolla TE37, Sunny B210 and a Skyline C110!) on his home touge and he does wear the very same glasses:
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video
Keiichi Tsuchiya rogue video

Unfortunately the user who posted it on Youtube did not allow the video to be embedded, so you will have to do with the screenshot above. To watch the video go here:
Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting touges before his freshman series

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