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Hilarious: Star Trek versus tokusatsu!

If you thought tokusatsu was bad, the first Star Trek series was even worse:

It has got it all:
– Slow motion fighting? Check!
– Good guys in spandex and bad guys in rubber suits? Check!
– Fighting in deserted remote areas? Check!
– Lifting heavy boulders and throwing them in a straight line while landing 30 feet higher than the angle was pointing to? Check!
Yes, Captain Kirk surely did learn a lot about tokusatsu from his crewmember Hikaru Sulu…

To give you another feast for your eyes (and something to compare to), watch this:

Now, which one was worse? Star Trek or Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman?
(Actually I did not dare to post this example for obvious reasons… I mean: one of the good guys disguising himself as Hitler? WTF!?)

Next week more tokusatsu?

Hilarious: Inazuman

I found a part of really old episode of Inazuman on Youtube and tried to find out more about that series.
Somehow I think it was not the Grand Championship cars which inspired the bosozoku, but rather this series with this weird flying car called Raijingo!

On Youtube I found the hilarious opening of the series:

WTF? He is able to rebuild collapsed buildings and shoot ropes, like spiderman, and pulls the building erect again?

According to the reviews of the series I found out that the flying car called Raijingo actually has a psychic link with Inazuman. Raijingo is capable of shooting missiles from its mouth. The car looks like it was originally a Nissan Fairlady 1500 SP310. Raiji means thundergod in Japanese, so it would have been more logical if the car was based upon a TE27 Trueno!

This was the part of the video I found and be prepared for a thrilling car chase between Raijingo and a Nissan Gloria A30:

Hilarious: Autobacs ads

Last week we already featured a tokusatsu video of Robot Keiji K and this week we have another tokusatsu video:

It is a wacky Autobacs tokusatsu ad called GO! GO! Autobacs! (???)

If you thought that was wacky, what about this Autobacs ad?

Or this one?

Lucky enough not all Autobacs ads are as wacky as these! Some are even dead serious, horribly boring and targeted at mid-level salarymen!

But I also found some horrible 80s Autobacs ads. Can’t wait to post those! (???)

p.s. Happy birthday OlivΓ©r!

Hilarious: Robot Keiji K

I found this video with the first 10 minutes of one episode of the 26 made of the great tokusatsu series called Robot Keiji K (Robot Detective K):

It starts in every aspect as a typically tokusatsu intro: the bombastic music, the heroic singing together with all the action shots and poses. It starts with the futuristic looking rocketcar and squeeling tires and the robot stepping out and flashing the series title with its eye! πŸ˜€

In every way this Robot Keiji K looks like an English dandy when stepping out of that car. What was the purpose of that? To make him look like a gay robot? I can’t imagine the production company (Toei Company Ltd) going for that image in 1972… Maybe they wanted to make him look like a good guy this way? Are all good guys looking like English dandies during the 70s?

Also the car looks great: a modified Fairlady Z S30 modified to an estate with gullwing doors and rockets. Who ever thought gullwing doors look bad on Japanese sportscars anyway?

The special effects look awesome! Like someone drew them with a big white marker on the filmroll! And that clay animation of the bad robot catching the Crown MS50 is amazing! Not to mention bump-flying the rocket car into a baloon! πŸ˜€

And it has got a great storyline, to quote Wikipedia:
The hero of this series is a robot named “Robot Detective K” (or just “K”), who has no human form, but when not in battle, dresses up in human clothes and has a human-like personality

Also looking at this small part makes me suspect both Paul Verhoeven and Robert Zemeckis stole some of their greatest ideas from this series! Paul Verhoeven clearly shaped his Robocop after Robot Keiji K and Robert Zemeckis copied the idea of flying sportscars when he created Back to the Future! However in Robocop the robot with a human brain while Robot Keiji K is fully a robot without any emotion. And the flying Delorean was less impressive than travelling back in time…

Anyway: I want MORE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Anyone got more episodes of this great series?

Hilarious: Ultra scatman!

Remember the car usage in tokusatsu movies and series? Most tokusatsu heroes have the most expensive and most up to date cars of that moment, but not Ultraman. Ultraman can fly, so he has no need for some super fast car with the latest technical abilities. Ultraman can do almost anything: Specium Ray, Ultra Slash, Electrical Immunity, Ultra Attack Beam, High Spin, Ultra Air Catch, Ultra Air Catch, Ultra Psychokinesis, Flight, Teleportation, Ultra Current, Dynamic Size Change, Clairvoyance Beam, Ultra Chop, Ultra Punch, Ultra Kick, Ultra Swing, Ultra Eye Spot, Slash Beam, Catch Rings, Star of Ultra, Ultra Separation, Marine Spacium Beam, Energy Transfer Beam, Final Cross Shield, Energy Exposure, Giga Specium Beam and Beta Capsule Transformation.

Lucky enough for him he now has a new ability: scat singing!

Scatman John only had one big hit in the world, but apparently they loved him till death (and after as well!) in Japan: he scored hit after hit in Japan and after he died they released a special edition tribute cd with several unreleased Japanese tracks (“Su Su Su Super Kirei” and “Pripri Scat”). Even today he is still very popular in Japan and now even Ultraman is continuing his scat singing abilities!

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