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Tec-Art’s digital gauge panel – AE86 trivia

About two weeks ago my fellow AE86 owner Robert forwarded me a Facebook video of a very special gauge cluster. The video contained a bespoke Motec screen installed in an AE86 with software that displays the OEM Toyota gauge cluster in various generations. I found out the video was shot at Tec-Art’s but it wasn’t an official video. Now Tec-Art’s released a video of a customer car that contains this gauge cluster!

The Tec-Art's gauge cluster boots up with Dorikin!
The Tec-Art’s gauge cluster boots up with Dorikin!

You can watch the video (with English subtitles) below:

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Hilarious: how to make a 25 year old car win an eco race!

Hot Version proves yet again that the AE86 can still keep up with the latest and greatest cars! While they proved the AE86 could still easily win from several great cars (like the Skyline R34, Honda S2000, etc) and tuners (re-amemiya, etc) they now proved it can even keep up with the latest Eco trends: the Tec-Arts Eco AE86 beats a field of Honda CR-Zs (and a Mini)!

Wait a minute… An eco AE86?? Yes, of course it all depends how you define Eco! Tec-Arts changed a lot of things on the AE86:
– Make the engine to run much smoother instead of letting it scream till the 8200rpm
Smooth running 4AGE
Smooth running 4AGE

– installed an eco button to close of the TVIS
AE86 with Eco button
AE86 with Eco button

– changed the alternator and starter to a more modern version to lower its drag
– changed power steering to an electric unit instead of an engine powered!
– and last but not least: they put foil on the windows to keep you from using the aircon too much.

Now if that is seriously considered as eco my Carina is twice as much eco as that!! It doesn’t have power steering, aircon nor a TVIS! ;)

Found at: 86ers

Hachirock 2009

Even though the HACHiRoCK festival 2008 was only 9 months ago the upcoming HACHiRoCK has already been sold out!

Hachirock festival September 13th 2009
HACHiRoCK festival September 13th 2009

250 entries were allowed to the premises of the HACHiRoCK 2009 edition and they already reached this number of entries! :)

Also several AE86 related companies like Impulse, Run Free and Tech-Arts already confirmed they will be there with exhibitions. Can’t wait till see the pictures of this event on the 14th of September! :)

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