Last week I spotted an Abunai Deka episode featuring not only one Toyota Carina van, but actually three of those Carina vans! Enjoy the vans:

As you can see detective Takayama chases a silver Carina van, overtakes a white Carina van at 1:19 and finally stops the wrong silver Carina van in the end. Well, the leaf sprung Carina van was no match for the Suzuki motorcycle anyway… As far as I could tell at least two of the three vans were DX models, so either a TA67, KA67 or CA67.

Back in 1986 when the Abunai Deka series were shot (broadcasting was from 5th of October 1986 till 27th of September 1987) the Carina van was still sold, only to be discontinued in April 1988.

I was doubting if I should post this video in the Car Chase regular or the Carina Sightings. It (obviously) became the latter…