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Family Album Treasures: Hoshino’s Gazelle

Back in the early 80s when the Japanese Super Silhouette series were at its alltime high in popularity Kazuyoshi Hoshino drove his iconic Nissan Silvia S110 silhouette racer to many victories.
Nissan Gazelle S110 with Hoshino Impul rims
Kazuyoshi Hoshino was a smart man: apart from founding the Hoshino Racing he also founded the Hoshino Impul company which produced the Impul D-01 wheels as their first product. By mounting these wheels on his silhouette racer he had the best advertising possible and many of these wheels were sold to his (young) followers.

Also this guy fell for them and mounted them on his Nissan Gazelle S110, just like his hero Hoshino. Definitely a keepsake for the family album!

Found at: Minkara

Automotive artwork: Toping Tune

To kee in the same spirits as yesterday’s Carina artwork, Ken?1 posted about a drawing his friend Oh Ro Shin Daichi made of his Levin AE86 on the HaCHi RoCK Festa:
Toping Tune: Ken?1s AE86
Toping Tune: Ken?1’s AE86

Nice! Even the smallest details like the Kei Office sticker are all there! :)

As you can see, his friend does not limit himself to AE86s only:
Toping Tune: Skyline DR30
Toping Tune: Skyline DR30

You can buy either an existing (standard) drawing or have your very own personal made!

You can order your own Toping Tune here!

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