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Friday Video: Plasma Spark Skyline

Ever wondered what Plasma Spark actually is? These two corporately dressed classy ladies will explain it all with the brand new Nissan Skyline GT-EX 2000 hardtop! (video on the next page)…

Ugly duckling to swan (Skyline HR30)

It is always nice to see how a car progresses in time, especially if the car transforms from an ugly duckling to a swan like this Skyline R30 owned by Zeki did back in the mid nineties: From Skyline HR30 to RS Turbo You’d probably say it is nothing special and just a bone stock…

EPIC: Nissan Skyline OBRUT-TG

I don’t think I can add anything to the picture of this Nissan Skyline HR30: Nissan Skyline HR30 OBRUT-TG Plain OBRUT-TG would suffice I guess! 😀 Found at [Pelican digit Niya]