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Commerical time: Try the Sambar!

After taking so many rides in the Bemo taxi busses in Irian Jaya I started looking around for one but I still have no intention of selling the Carina. 😉 I did come across this Subaru Sambar commercial on Youtube: I like the motto: Let’s try the Sambar!

Commerical time: Subaru NaNa Rex

Yesterday I already posted a wacky Japanese commercial of some soy candybar, today another one from the 80s for the Subaru NaNaRex: And another one with a Subaru Sambar/Domingo bonus to keep up the 80s spirit: Now I really want to buy the NaNaRex!

DOTS: 1997 Subaru E-Wagon (Sambar)

Back in the 80s the keitora were flooding the Netherlands, including the mother of all keitoras: the Subaru E-Wagon. Also known as the Subaru Sambar (Japan), Libero, Sumo and Domingo. Most of the Keitora were used as delivery vans by the Dutch Joe the Plumber, but the E-Wagon was mainly used as family transportation. Subaru…