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Japanese Rustoseums (part thirty-three)

The big question is if this Nissan Laurel C31 picked up some foliage along the way or if it is actually growing a tree out of its bumper!
Nissan Laurel C31 rustoseum
I fear the latter. :(

This two tone painted C31 once used to be a SGL, but nowadays it can hardly be called anything at all…
Nissan Laurel C31 rustoseum
But given that it is not a super rare hardtop or Medalist I don’t think it really matters much. ;)

Japanese Rustoseums (part thirty-one)

Sad but true: I’m already at part thirty-one of this series! :(
This time I have a video from the land down under where the Datsun are so unloved that they are rusting away somewhere in a junkyard. The video has the suitable title Where Datsuns go to die.

I counted two 240K coupes, two 240K sedans and a bunch of other interesting Datsuns like a Cedric 220 and 330! What a terrible shame!

Video by 240kconvertible

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