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Car chases: Datsun 260Z chases Clown on Zandvoort

Datsun 260Z chases Clown on Zandvoort

Following up yesterdays post: here is a car chase from one of the older Bassie en Adriaan episodes when they still loved the Simca based Matra Rancho. Basically when the clown and acrobat find out they are being followed by a Datsun 260Z with some thugs inside.

In this scene the bad guys chase down a Simca Ranchero with their Datsun 260Z on Zandvoort circuit. The 260Z is going sideways many times but fails to overtake the Ranchero. Why they were doing 360s every now and then is a mystery but they finally spin out at the exit to the paddock.

Be prepared for some real 70s drift action (with long a haired acrobats wearing sunglasses with a funky 70s tune in the background) between a Matra Rancho and a Datsun 260Z on the Zandvoort circuit:


The music during the chase is Musical 2000 by Los Pekinekes and is really fitting the scene and atmosphere very well. The band Los Pekinekes is a Spanish band from the late 1960s and was very fitting as the story of the TV series was the two travelling to Spain to recover a lost treasure.

Datsun sponsoring?

Also a noteworthy to mention: this isn’t the only Datsun used by the thugs. In the other episodes a Nissan Cherry and Violet are being used as chase cars and in another one they (casually) drive a Laurel. After these series Bassie en Adriaan started to drive the Prelude and the thugs started to drive Ladas. I suspect that was no coincidence. πŸ˜›

Skid school

The two protagonists are two brothers, Bassie and Adriaan, and they made the TV series on a shoestring budget. The Ranchero was their stage car (they used it IRL to travel to the circus) and the Datsun 260Z was Adriaan’s (the acrobat) personal car. The stunts were performed by the instructors of the sliding/skid school (Rob Slotemaker) located next to the track.


Unfortunately the original video got removed from Youtube due to copyright claims, but recently it has been uploaded on their official channel:

Direct link to video: Bassie & Adriaan – De achtervolging op het circuit van Zandvoort

DOTS: Skyline R34, Celica ZZT230, Fairlady 350Z and Toyota Bb

How often can you spot a Nissan Skyline R34, Toyota Celica ZZT230 and a Toyota Bb parked next to each other?

If you look closely you can also spot another Celica ZZT230 further down in the parkinglot!
Skyline R34, Celica ZZT230 and Toyota Bb parked next to eachother
Skyline R34, Celica ZZT230 and Toyota Bb parked next to eachother

And how about spotting another red Toyota Bb parked in the center of some Dutch town the same day? And spot two other R34s the same day as well?
Toyota Bb parked in some Dutch towncenter
Toyota Bb parked in some Dutch towncenter

And if you turn your head 45 degrees see another Nissan Fairlady 350Z parked next to a big giant?
Nissan Fairlady 350Z
Nissan Fairlady 350Z

It is possible: if you visit the funpark Madurodam in the Hague! The funpark is a scaled down version of the landmarks in the Netherlands, so a heaven for all scale model enthusiasts! πŸ˜›

I’ve paid the park a visit with my son and my wife and saw various cars parked or driving on the roads of Madurodam. Most of them were just VW/Audi/Mercedes/etc. and actually some were interesting cars like Porsches and Masseratis but I did not expect some JDM car nut to throw around Skylines, Fairladies and Celicas as if they were common cars in the Netherlands! Take for instance this blue R34 next to the main railway station of Utrecht:
Blue Nissan Skyline R34 in Utrecht (main railway station)
Blue Nissan Skyline R34 in Utrecht (main railway station)

Just blends in the scenery nicely!

And I also didn’t know people at the ING Bank headquarters owned a black R34:
Blue Nissan Skyline R34 in Amsterdam (ING bank HQ)
Blue Nissan Skyline R34 in Amsterdam (ING bank HQ)

Yep, apparently even people at the ING bank have taste! πŸ˜›

There are probably a lot more Celicas, Fairladies and R34s to spot in Madurodam but I wouldn’t have had the time to take a picture of them anyway…

Hilarious: Inazuman

I found a part of really old episode of Inazuman on Youtube and tried to find out more about that series.
Somehow I think it was not the Grand Championship cars which inspired the bosozoku, but rather this series with this weird flying car called Raijingo!

On Youtube I found the hilarious opening of the series:

WTF? He is able to rebuild collapsed buildings and shoot ropes, like spiderman, and pulls the building erect again?

According to the reviews of the series I found out that the flying car called Raijingo actually has a psychic link with Inazuman. Raijingo is capable of shooting missiles from its mouth. The car looks like it was originally a Nissan Fairlady 1500 SP310. Raiji means thundergod in Japanese, so it would have been more logical if the car was based upon a TE27 Trueno!

This was the part of the video I found and be prepared for a thrilling car chase between Raijingo and a Nissan Gloria A30:

Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Fairlady S30 part 2

Some time ago we did a feature on the bosozoku style Nissan Fairlady Z S30. This week we feature a video with Daijiro Inada looking at the Nissan Fairlady Z S30 (and its successors) including a very nice bosozoku styled version of a Grand Champion Fairlady Z copy by Daisuke Shouten!

Part one:

Very funny to see Nomuken making the mistake of how to start a carburetted car: he wants to start the Fairlady by turning the ignition key. Lucky enough they show him how it is done properly. Funny enough: Daijiro Inada can’t drift, but surely he can start a carburetted car properly! πŸ˜€

Part two:

Note that this bosozoku styled Fairlady Z has the rear lights of a Skyline C210 Japan and a (badly fit) G-nose. In my opinions this is one of the best looking bosozoku styled Fairlady Zs I’ve seen so far!

I posted this article earlier this week on

Popular Bosozoku cars: Nissan Fairlady S30

This week we have a very popular Bosozoku style car and I really had trouble with deciding which pictures would feature this item. This week we feature the very popular Nissan Fairlady Z S30:
Yanky style Fairlady S30 (with stars and stripes)
Yanky style Fairlady S30 (with stars and stripes)

Most of the Fairlady Zs I came accross were Yanky style like the one above. It reflects how the Bosozoku cars were styled in the late 80s!

Especially this one is very well known:
Yanky Mate! Fairlady S30 replica
Yanky Mate! Fairlady S30 replica

This is a Yanky Mate! replica of the Shakotan Boogie manga/anime. This Fairlady S30 featured in two colors in the manga: blue (early) and yellow (late). With the craze around Shakotan Boogie in the early 90s you can imagine that replicas of this car are very popular.

Another style which can be found in many numbers are the Gran Chan styled Fairladies:
Gran Chan style Fairlady S30
Gran Chan style Fairlady S30

With big fender extenders, headlight covers and the bonnet/lip having smooth aerodynamic lines it really reflects the Fairladies used during races in the late 70s. Very beautifully styled!

And of course we have the Bosozoku styled Fairlady, but they are bit rarer than the other two styles so I only post a 280ZX:
Bosozoku style Fairlady S30
Bosozoku style Fairlady 280ZX

This 280ZX model has a lot of fins, spoilers, ventilation holes and a really nice horn! With its paiting scheme it really looks bad ass Bosozoku styled, but its styling is not over the top. Good example in my opinion.

The Nissan Fairlady Z S30 (also known as the 240Z, 260Z and 280Z overseas) came out in Japan as the successor of the 60s Nissan Fairlady. This was a small compact roadster competing with European roadsters and it sold quite well in Japan and overseas. Nissan decided it needed a replacement for the roadster and teamed up with Yamaha. The Yamaha prototype did not meet the expectations of Nissan and Nissan terminated the cooperation and Yamaha turned to Toyota and created the 2000GT out of this prototype.

Nissan then decided it needed a more Americanized GT car which was stylish, innovative, fast, reliable and most importantly sharing parts with other Nissans to make it inexpensive! This became the Fairlady Z and in 1969 the production of this car started:
Factory stock Fairlady S30
Factory stock Fairlady Z S30

As you can see: in stock form it may look awfull today, but back then it was one of the most stylish GT cars ever!

In Japan the car was launched with two engines: a 6 cylinder SOHC L20A (shared with the Bluebird) outputting 130hp and a limited run called Z432 featured the high performance 6 cylinder DOHC S20 (shared with the Skyline GTR) outputting 160 hp.
Later in Japan the limited run of the 240ZG appeared: a L24 (initially used for export market) powered Fairlady Z with a new aero dynamic nose, wide overfenders, acrylic headlight covers (like the one in the first picture), fender mirrors and a rear spoiler. This 240ZG was meant to homologate an uprated version for Group 4 racing. The nose was later on sold as a seperate option called the “G-nose”.

The Fairlady Z S30 appeared in many rally and circuit race events and became just about as famous as the Hakosuka Skyline GTR.
Factory racing Fairlady Z S30
Factory racing Fairlady Z S30

Nowadays the Fairlady Z still has a huge following, especially after the animation version of Wangan Midnight featuring a blue Devil Z and Hakosukas suffering from insane price increases. Popular engine swaps are either the bigger engines L24, L26 and L28 or the whole drivetrain with the RB25 of a Skyline GTS.

Personally I really would like to own one someday: those Z cars are just awesome! πŸ™‚

[I posted this article earlier today on]

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