Hachiroku.com.au blog posted this amazing video of an AE86 chasing down the Irohazaka touge today:

This guy is almost as amazing as Takumi. Yes I do say almost: he’s sane enough not to jump. However Takumi is doing the same downhill twice in Initial D The Movie (Third Stage) and that is a cartoon and not in real life!

Irohazaka touge are actually two passages: one going uphill and one going downhill. This is quite unique and great for drifing unleashed: nobody can go uphill while chasing down the downhill! The video was shot around 2002, so that is about one year after Third Stage and they probably have speed bumps in this downhill like they did on Mount Haruna.

And for those sceptics who say you can go about twice as fast in Arcade Stage 3: that’s arcade! Did you ever see anyone from Street Fighter 2 alpha running around the streets then??