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DOTS: 1989 Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V

I always had a soft spot for the third generation Mitsubishi Colt: it was my first car and it still brings back many memories… So whenever I see a third generation Mitsubishi Colt I always look for two things:
1. Is it my old Mitsu?
2. Is it a GTi?
I was in luck three times: just once I spotted my very own Colt driving in the other direction of where I was going to and twice I spotted this Colt GTi 16V:
Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V
Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V

The GTi exists in two versions a 1.6 and a 1.8 liter version. However the early type Colt only featured the 1.6 liter GTi driven by the 124 hp 1.6 4G61 engine.

This GTi still has its original GTi rims, however in the picture below you can see that it is missing one:
Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V
Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V

It does have an hubcap, so it can’t be the spare wheel of the car…

Also a fun fact: the Colt and Lancer both have 4×114.3 pcd rims, so the rims of older Toyota, Datsuns and Nissans fit on these cars (wide!). It works the other way around as well, however the offset of the FWD cars is highly positive so you will need spacers to make them fit on RWD cars!

Funny to see the double exhaust tip implying the car needs to breathe well. If you look carefully you will see the second silencer going transverse under the car which feeds the double exhaust tip with a single pipe. Apart from the 2-1 flexible header at the engine the entire exhaust is exactly the same for the whole line. Imagine what improvement an aftermarket exhaust would give this GTi. ;)

The first and last pictures are from a set I took with the shitty-cam I always bring along (weights less than the EOS) and all other photos failed miserably. I did not spot the Colt again till last Tuesday when I was in a big hurry, so I stopped and snapped another four pictures with the shitty-cam from which two failed again and only one (the picture above) was worth keeping.

Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V
Mitsubishi Colt GTi 16V

As you can see, the second time I spotted the car was, yet again, around the corner of the office where I also spotted the Toyota Celica Supra MA61. Hopefully I will spot it again and this time have time to have a few pics of the interior as well. ;)

510hp Mitsubishi Colt swaps its own engine

It is always great to see footage of engine swaps, but seeing/hearing a car swap its own engine is just one step further!

Great to see the Mitsubishi Colt can actually be very very fast and then…clunk!
Oh oh! That wasn’t good… :D
Ah well, that could have been expected if you go too far with a standard transmission…

This also brings back memories of my first car: a Mitsubishi Colt 1.3. This car is a bit more impressive than the one I used to own: the engine is supposed to output 510hp helped with the aid of a turbo. That is about nine times as much as mine did!

Makes me wonder though: according to the Dutch car registration database my old car still drives around. Bizarre: I sold it four years ago and already thought the next owner would scrap it within a year. So if you are the owner of a Mitsubishi Colt with registration YD-50-TG you are driving a car I gave up upon four years ago! :D

[ Video found on Jalopnik ]

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