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Manga Car Spotting: Shelby GT350 and Koenig Porsche 928 – Ah! My Goddess

Manga Cars

What do a Shelby GT350, a widebody Koenig Porsche 928 and a 3WD Mazda T2000 truck have in common? They are all featured in this fifth episode of reading spotting manga cars! I’ll read these two Japanese mangas of Ah! My Goddess and I found 13 different cars in it!
Mazda T2000 NIT CC special

Ah! My Goddess by Kosuke Fujishima

The story revolves around a student called Keiichi Morisato. He attends the Nekomi Institute of Technology (NIT) in the fictional Japanese town called Nekomi in the Chiba prefecture. Kosuke Fujishima modelled Nekomi after his own home town: Chiba.

Keiichi has to take calls for his fellow sempai in his dorm. He get’s hungry, so he decides to order a pizza and dials the wrong number. Instead of the pizza delivery he actually phones the Goddess Helpline who will help anyone in distress. After some wrong assumptions Keiichi decides his sempai are probably pulling a prank with him and he wishes that the Goddess in front of him stays with him for the remainder of his life. That’s basically the beginning of the Ah! My Goddess story.

So what’s the connection with cars and motorcycles then? Well, Kosuke Fujishima is a petrolhead who loves cars and motorcycles. Keiichi is probably his likeness and is into cars and motorcycles as well. He’s also member of the NIT CC: the Nekomi Institute of Technology Car Club and this obviously helps to increase the number of motorized vehicles in this manga!

You can find the video and the high resolution scans of the panels containing manga cars below:

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Commerical time: Mazda Chantez, Chantez, Lalalalalaaa

Back in 1961 everybody loved the good old Mazda Carol P360: it was small, lights and the first four passenger car made by Mazda! What better replacement could be expected than the 1972 Mazda Chantez?

Still powered by the 359 two cylinder two-stroke engine and its mighty 35hp this ultralight RWD rocket must have been a hoot to drive! ;)

Now if only that song could have been a different one!
Chantez, chantez, lalalalalaaa! Chantez, chantez, lalalalalaaa!
I think it is in my head now… :(

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