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Three Celebrity Nissan Figaros – Down on the Street

There is an unusual amount of Nissan Figaros driving in my home country the Netherlands. An even more unusual amount of Nissan Figaros is driving in my hometown. Why is that? That’s because the Nissan Figaro has a Celebrity status in the Netherlands!

1992 Nissan Figaro in Lapis Grey
1992 Nissan Figaro in Lapis Grey

Pikes cars: the Figaro

The Nissan Figaro started out as one of the Nissan Pikes cars. It is a retro-inspired car and the last and final of the Be-1, Pao, S-Cargo and Figaro quartet based on the March K10 platform. I know the Rasheen is missing, but I simply discard it for simplicity. With around 30,000 Figaros built, it’s hardly a rare car to come by in Japan. Especially with its retro styling, it will stand out against the crowd.

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Video Friday: amazing Shuto Expressway C1 side-by-side driving (1986 versus 2023)

Two weeks ago I posted a video of the stunts of Shuto Kosoku movie on the Shuto Expressway. A few days ago I came across a relatively new video by Kamepo: the Shuto Expressway C1 loop driven in 2023 synchronized with footage from 1986! I have been a long time subscriber of Kamepo’s videos and I’m sure I have posted a couple of his/her videos over the years.

Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop
Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop in red
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