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Finish this Finnish Lexus-powered Carina! – Carina Sightings

Some projects turn out to be too big to ever pass the finish line, but this Finnish Lexus-powered Carina doesn’t seem to fit that category. However, it’s still an unfinished project that is almost there.

Unfinished Finnish project: Carina TA60 with a 1G-FE engine
Unfinished Finnish project: Carina TA60 with a 1G-FE engine

The unfinished Finnish Carina project

The ad describes it as follows:
Project carina. 2.0 direct weave from lexus. Immobilizer on, has been tested. A mild project. Not inspected. Good basket.
Normally a basket-case would never be good, but this Carina is an exception to that!

How can you fit a 6-cylinder in a Carina?

Fitting a 1G-FE 6-cylinder engine is possible on the Carina TA60 as the A60 Celica XX also featured the 1G engine family in Japan. Sourcing a cross-member from Japan for it should be possible. However, I’m not sure if the current owner went through all that trouble though.

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ITT2012: the swapped Lexi!

A little bit different than the previous nostalgic posts is todays post. At the festival I found two Lexus IS200s where the engine was swapped in favor of some other engine. The (sorry to day this) lesser one was this IS200 with genuine JDM Altezza grille:
ITT: Lexus IS200 with 1JZ-GTE
It has been imported to the Netherlands less than a year ago as an IS200 but on papers it already had a 2.5 litre engine. I think you can already guess what engine it had…

Indeed! A second generation 1JZ-GTE: Continue reading

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