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Toyota AE86 consumed by the woods – Japanese Rustoseums

Last week I already posted an abandoned kouki two-door Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 that started to be consumed by the foliage of the fields surrounding it. This week, I have another Toyota AE86 that is slowly being consumed by the woods.

Toyota AE86 slowly consumed by the woods
Toyota AE86 slowly consumed by the woods

This AE86 is so far gone, I can’t even tell whether it’s a Levin or a Trueno! What I can tell, is that this is a two-door facelift model. The small holes next to the tail lights are made to fit the inner reverse lights of the facelifted two-door tail lights. In the picture below you can see the difference between the two:

zenki vs kouki two-door AE86 tail lights compared
zenki vs kouki two-door AE86 tail lights compared

As you can see, there is a small reverse light mounted right under where the bootlid slopes down to its lowest point. So having these small holes in the rear at least give us the indication it is a kouki model.

The roof has caved in with various tree branches around it, so probably the roof was hit by those branches. The AE86 once was yellow and painted over in white. The white paint is slowly disappearing, showing the car’s true colours. As the boot is also yellow, I would assume it was yellow from factory

Found at: Nekotani’s blog

This Levin AE86 got one up to 87 in 88! – Family Album Treasures

What is the most comfortable place of your Levin AE86? What’s the best intake on your Levin AE86? Flat out in your engine bay of course!

Sorry for these bad puns, but I just had to make them!

Kouki AE86 is one up 87 in 1988!
Kouki AE86 is one up 87 in 1988!

License plate

This nearly brand new kouki (facelift) AE86 from Osaka is one up with its 87 license plate in February 1988! Now the big mystery is whether it’s a 1987 car or that the 87 license plate is a coincidence. Next to the license plate, it has got a double set of fog lights: über rare OEM GT Apex fog lights in the grill and two Cibié 35 / Airport.

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WTF: AE86 disco LED tail lights?

Probably already posted one hundred times before, but nevertheless some very interesting AE86 taillights:

I did see some ordinary led taillights for the AE86 before but these tail lights from Wataruworks are just insane! :D

In case you really want them, you can buy them from Wataruworks at Auctions Yahoo. (And use a company like Rinkya to get them handled and shipped!)
Lucky enough Wataruworks also sell normal looking led lights… ;)

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