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Commerical time: the Ken and Mary you never saw

I’m glad Hide7031 did not post up the too well known Ken&Mary Skyline commercials. These eight relatively unknown commercials were actually a quite a surprise for me:

I did say I liked the GC10 commercials better than the Ken&Mary ones, but I do have to admit I think the fourth Ken&Mary (GT) commercial is the best so far: showing the GT on a trailer (racing purpose?), Skyline waving goodbye with its rear wiper and then showing Ken and Mary with a bunch of binoculars as if they are watching a race…

Stay tuned for more commercials! :)

Vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters

Just found this vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline GC110 brochure + posters in an auction on Ebay:
Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters
Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters

It does not only contain the GC110, but also posters of Ken and Meri, older Skylines (from 1957 onwards) and some racing cars(R380, R381 and the 50 victories by the Skyline!)

The Buy-me-now is right (39,95 AUD) but together with the shipping it is a bit steep… So if anyone wishes to give me a birthday present on the 16th, this is a good gift! ;)

You can find the auction here:
Vintage 1976 Nissan Skyline C110 brochure + posters
And hurry: the auction ends on the 11th of April!

Carina Sightings: Carina AA63 Sedan on Suzuka

Yesterday I found this video of an AA63 sedan racing on Suzuka circuit (west course). The engine is probably almost bone stock with a few small modifications like an open airfilter.

He does a quite good run but then runs into some slower (probably pit out) Hakosuka Skylines and then gets passed by a very quick 280ZX. Quite fun to see him trying to chase the 280ZX for some time but then he gets engine trouble.

You can hear around 4:12 some metal sound in the engine note and the driver probably broke something in the engine. Also in the comments it states that the engine broke, but it doesn’t say exactly what broke. He then tails the Ken-meri and another Hakosuka Skyline and when he enters the pit lane he immediately leaves the track.

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