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Hilarious: drift mom and dad around Ebisu in a JZX90!

This brought a big grin on my face when I watched this video: Minihux from Dirft Colors (previously WeAreDrift) drifts his mom and dad around Ebisu circuit in a borrowed Cresta JZX90. Apparently his mom and dad weren’t that impressed…

Perhaps he went a bit soft on them…

Before you think the car switches from RHD to LHD all the time: minihux claims the camera was upside down in the car, so therefore he flipped the video, making it LHD. Makes sense since the paper stuck on the rear window is readable now and normally is only readable from the outside.

Popular Bosozoku cars: Toyota Mark II platform

Most of you probably already saw a video posted by white_raven in the comments of last weeks rare popular bosozoku cars posting

Well this video is actually the first of a set of 3 videos about the Toyota Mark II platform. It starts with three bosozoku styled Mark IIs (RT72, MX31 and GX71), a clean tuned Mark II (JZX90) and finishes with the Verossa JZ110 drift car.

Part one contains last weeks bosozoku styled Corona Mark II RT72 and the first part of a bosozoku styled Mark II MX31:

Good detail is that this RT72 has the 8R engine and not the 8R-G, so it is not the GSS model.

Part two contains the second part of the Mark II MX31, the bosozoku styled Mark II GX71 and the clean tuned JZX90:

Note that the GX71 did get a 7M swap, so actually it became a MX71.
BTW: I love the way the tsurikawa is dangling behind the MX31 at 0:25 and scraping over the highway: the only correct way to make use of a tsurikawa! Anyone got a spare one for me? :D

And part 3 contains Hirota’s 2007 JZX110 Verossa drift car:

So a big thanks to white_raven for finding these videos!! :)

Hopefully these videos will stay on Youtube for a while, but I’m afraid they will disappear very soon…

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