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Subscription to Japanese Nostalgic Car arrived!

As I wrote last week: I subscribed to Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine. I already received the first issue yesterday!

So now I can place this banner here:
I subscribe to Japanese Nostalgic Car magazine. Do you?

It made me wonder if it would be worthwile to import them bulk and send them locally to people in Europe. Of course that’s the AEU86 shop spirit I still have…

Unfortunately the double shipping is killing the costs: a yearly susbscription would be somewhere near 36 euros in the most ideal situation (80 or more subscriptions) and that would only cover the costs, so no risk compensation or anything. Too bad, otherwise it would have been another challenge. ;)

Japanese Nostalgic Car subscription

Yesterday I decided upon taking a subscription on Japanese Nostalgic Car magazine and also bought some of their fine stickers. Of course I took the subscription including the first issue!

This is what the first issue looks like:
Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine issue 1

The issue features the Datsun 240Z, 510, 40th anniversary of the Mazda Rotary, 50th birthday of the Skyline and much more. Can’t wait to hold the first issue actually in my hands and read about all the stories.

Great to see how the new media can make a switch to the old media as well. ;)

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