As this year is nearing it’s end, I thought I should do something special this year. The Christmas holidays are coming up soon, and in all it’s joy and glory fits a Christmas tree. I got one at home, but I didn’t have one in my office. And since my office is partially a JDM shrine, the tree should be one as well. A JDM Christmas tree to be more exact!
DIY JDM Christmas tree

JDM Christmas tree

The idea for this came when I received a red Hotwheels AE86 as a present for Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is the Dutch Santa Clause and therefore I thought I should do something with it. So I wondered how much work it would be to convert a Hotwheels car into a Christmas tree ornament. It couldn’t be that long?

Watch the video below on how to create one yourself: Continue reading