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Hilarious: The A-Team dubbed in Japanese

I had a great laugh when I watched this A-Team opening in Japanese!

That sounded so great that I started looking for more footage on youtube…

Most of it is blocked, but I was able to catch this nice few minutes of good old Japanese dubbing:


Imagine what the Japanese might think of our good old Manga Video dubbing from the early nineties. Or worse: the Tokyopop Initial D dubs! ;)

Found at [Japan Sugoi

Hilarious: Japanese Spam commercial

Do the Japanese really have commercials for spam?
Yes they do:

Okay, I admit: it is not the spam you may have expected… But still, advertising for spam is spam. :P
I love the part where the commercial shows a thick slice of spam on top of a nigiri sushi! Amazing!

Hilarious: Star Trek dubbed in Japanese

Ever seen Star Trek dubbed in a different language? You may have, but it is nowhere near to this Japanese dub of the first episode:

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock both have almost the same voice over so it is hard to distinguish them. Too bad Scotty does not feature in this prologue…

Another shot from the same episode:

It is really weird to see all those American actors speak fluent Japanese. I only wonder what they did with the voice of Hikaru Sulu. :D :D

Japanese BBS wheels

This video kind of surprised me:

This video from 1993 clearly shows (some) BBS wheels are produced in Japan. A bit weird for someone living next to Germany expecting a German wheel manufacturer to actually produce them in Germany!

A little research learned that the Japanese company Washibeam produces the BBS F1 Magnesium wheel and all one piece Aluminum racing wheels. They sell those wheels back to BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG and vice versa for the other wheels. In this way the production of the wheels can continue even if either BBS or Washibeam go bankrupt.

Itasha: not every Japanese knows its meaning!

You may think every Japanese citizen would know the meaning of Itasha (??), however as this video explains they do not…

The word Itasha is a word that consists of the words Itai (?) and Sha (?), meaning Painful and Vehicle. Painful is used in a way that it means painful for the wallet. The word is also a pun on Itariasha (?????) which is shortend into Itasha (???) and means Italian Car. Note that the two words are written differently but pronounced the same!

So that explains a lot why all those interviewed people did not know the true meaning of Itasha!

BTW: Itasha is getting bigger and bigger… This will be the next major export style from Japan!

JList: Japanese Beginner Driver Mark

I’ve been advertising for for a while now and I actually wanted to know what I was advertising for!

I always thought the Japanese driving marks were a fun item to own, so I decided to buy the beginners mark from them! I could very well have chosen for the senior driving mark, but the video of the Carina Jeune made me decide for the beginners mark…

Japanese beginner driver mark: how it arrived
Japanese beginner driver mark: how it arrived

I was a bit amazed by the price: this mark only cost me only 9 dollars including shipping! I’ve seen these for sale at some huge JDM site for sale for 15 dollars without shipping!

So I ordered the item and expected it to take a week or two to arrive. I was quite surprised when a package arrived only 8 days later!

Japanese beginner driver mark: unpacked
Japanese beginner driver mark: unpacked

It was nicely packaged in a thick envelope with a big carton behind the mark to prevent it from bending. Nice!

Japanese beginner driver mark: how big is it?
Japanese beginner driver mark: how big is it?

I was a bit surprised of its size: it is 4.5 inch wide and 7 inch high!

Japanese beginner driver mark: how to apply
Japanese beginner driver mark: how to apply

From the instruction I understood you need to apply this one clearly visible to the inside of the rear window of your car. This mark has a suction cup (a magnetic one is also available!), so you can reuse it in any car you like. ;)
There is also one needed at the front of the car but I didn’t buy that one since I’m not living in Japan and this is supposed to be a novelty. ;)

BTW: note that is the SFW variant of, so if you are interested in bizarre Japanese stuff (tenga, tentacles, school uniforms, etc.) you can also browse!

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