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SEO: Google images indexing after double quotes

About a month ago I blogged about Google not indexing my images. I suspected it was the single quotes I used for all HTML tags. I switched over to double quotes but did not see any changes.

Now a month has passed and Google currently has indexed twice the amount of images as before and I do see much more text around the images.

This means a couple of things:

  1. Google does not update it’s images frequently
  2. Google prefers double quotes above single quotes
  3. I still need to change a lot of tags to get more images indexed…

I’m not too happy about that last part. :(

Google-images not indexing image tags with single quotes?

Just some plain weirdness: Google Images stopped indexing my images some time ago and I’ve already tried several things to improve this. Up so far I did not succeed…

I did just notice that most of the image tags of the images indexed were all done with double-quotes instead of the current single quote I’m using… Perhaps that’s the answer why! So, let’s see in a couple of days if the indexed images are better! :)

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