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WANT: Flex Auto in Yokohama

This is one of the most amazing second hand car dealers I’ve seen so far: Flex Auto has two mint Hakosuka Skyline GC10s, a Cedric 430, a Crown MS50, a Crown MS60, a Nissan Cedric Y30 V3.0 Turbo Brougham VIP (that is surely the longest car name ever!), a Skyline Japan, a Toyota Corona GSS hardtop coupe and, of course, a panda Toyota Levin AE86:

I’d wish the secondhand car dealer around the corner would feature such a magnificent lineup!

Direct link to video: すごい車屋さんみつけたよ~
Found through [iwa99able]

Video: drifting on Kurume in 1991

I think these three videos are about the earliest drift videos to be found on Youtube so far!
Be prepared for an overkill of Hakosuka Skylines, Corolla Levin AE86s and Sprinter Trueno AE86s, (brand new) Nissan Silvia and 180SX S13s, Mazda FCs, MR2 AW11s, Isuzu Gemini, Eunos Roadster, Lancer Turbo, Toyota Carina and even an Isuzu Piazza right at the beginning! Two of the videos are shot on the pass next to Kurume (Fukuokai) and the other one on Yz circuit in Mizunami!

In this second video it really shows how dangerous the drifts of these guys actually were: I stopped counting after the tenth near accident with oncoming traffic!

Yes, a real bunch of lunatics!

There is some serious action on the YZ circuit going on and at 4:36 you can spot an occasional zenki Carina GT twice:

Looking at all this track action I get the feeling the aftermarket for springs and shocks wasn’t as big as today! Most of the cars drift like a boat! :D

I understand why Shuichi Shigeno got inspired by his drift friends back in the early nineties! These guys really were way before drifting went from fun to pro.

All videos found at [Pipiyumio]

Commerical time: Hakosuka commuter

Fourty two years ago there was a businessman returning home from his work in his new shiney Nissan Skyline GC10. Judging from the short nose it is almost certainly powered by the G-15:

It is also funny to see the comparison with the Japanese Grand Prix winning Nissan R381 #20. That would certainly be a good reason to wear those leather gloves during daily commute. ;)

Familiy Album Treasures: Hakosuka towing a caravan

A picture of a Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan is nice, but having a Nissan 2400GT following right behind it is EPIC!
Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan
Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan

The picture was sent to me by Dutchman Frans-Jan Petrij. I found him a year ago through a topic on ZCars forum where he said he used to own several Nissan 2400GTs and 2000GTs (only 59 were delivered in Holland!). I wrote to him several emails and he sent me some pictures of the cars he used to own.

This picture was shot at the Kandersteg pass in Switzerland. He and his family used both the 2000GT and 2400GT to haul the whole family to Switzerland and both the 2000GT and 2400GT took turns to pull the caravan. Of course both cars didn’t have to put any effort in it to do their jobs! ;)

Commercial time: all JDM Skyline commercials on DVD!

I saw this amazing video containing all Japanese Nissan Skyline commercials being announced a few weeks back on a Minkara blog:
Nissan Skyline Japanese commercials collection
Nissan Skyline Japanese commercials collection

This DVD covers almost all models: from the second generation (S50), third generation (C10 aka hakosuka), fourth (C110 aka Kenmeri) and up to the tenth generation (R34)!

I was able to find the DVD on Amazon Japan (?????? CM?????? [DVD]), but I haven’t seen it for sale elsewhere… Now if only the shipping costs from Japan weren’t that steep… :(

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