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Familiy Album Treasures: Hakosuka towing a caravan

A picture of a Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan is nice, but having a Nissan 2400GT following right behind it is EPIC!
Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan
Nissan 2000GT towing a caravan

The picture was sent to me by Dutchman Frans-Jan Petrij. I found him a year ago through a topic on ZCars forum where he said he used to own several Nissan 2400GTs and 2000GTs (only 59 were delivered in Holland!). I wrote to him several emails and he sent me some pictures of the cars he used to own.

This picture was shot at the Kandersteg pass in Switzerland. He and his family used both the 2000GT and 2400GT to haul the whole family to Switzerland and both the 2000GT and 2400GT took turns to pull the caravan. Of course both cars didn’t have to put any effort in it to do their jobs! ;)


  1. B-san

    Seen pictures of this Dutch 2000 and 2400GT before. Can’t recall seeing one towing a caravan tough. Sure is an extraordinary sight. And seeing a 2400GT just behind it is just “wow”. Just out of curiosity I’ve been looking for one of these in Europe but only could find a few tidy ones for sale Finland. Otherwise these things are impossible to find I guess. Still kinda amazed that nearly 60 have been sold in Holland. Where oh where would they have gone? I must admit it gets me a little exited there is a (very small) chance finding a original LHD Hakosuka in a local junkyard.

  2. banpei

    Where did they go? Well, most of them were abused and buried on the junkyards. I know two of them were exported to other countries in the past few years and I know some Skyline enthusiast bought one a few years ago and tried to restore.

    But actually I did see original Dutch car IRL somewhere in April. Did take pictures of course and still need to make a little writeup on that one! Will try to do that this week! :)

  3. DarkSupra

    Wow how awesome!

    Found this picture a while back of this 2400GT in a junkyard in Switzerland:

  4. banpei

    I know that picture! That’s where my 2400GT search initially started!
    That particular one is really a shame because the owner of the junkyard is not selling anything that is in his junkyard and the car will rot away…

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