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Hilarious: Drift series special: Beauty Battle part 2

A month ago I already blogged about the Drift: Beauty Battle and I wrote I would try to watch it that night…

I still haven’t been able to watch it entirely. It is so hilarious! 😀
Especially the translations are terrific! Toyota is called Nong Tian and the car is called Carrola Laiby!
Drift: Beauty Battle Corolla Levin becomes Carrola Laiby
I can understand the Carrola Laiby error because that is what it is pronounced as in Japanese. However you can clearly see Levin on the side of the car!

But Nong Tian?? It is clearly pronounced as Toyota!?! And produced in 1983 and 1984? It is clearly a kouki Levin, and they were produced from 1985 till 1987! I hope you can understand now why I’m having difficulty when watching this series…

Anyway, I’m now watching two Youtube movies per day during my lunchbreak, so hopefully I’ve finished this next wednesday. 😉

HachiRock!! Festa 2008

I just found this on the HR Blog: HachiRock!! Festa 2008
HachiRock!! Festa 2008

This is one of the biggest Hachi Roku events in Japan, maybe even bigger than HachiRoku day!

It is amazing how many Hachi’s actually turned up there:
many many ae86s at HachiRock!! Festa 2008

They claim last year over 250 hachis turned up, but this year they limited it to 250 participants who already sold out the place in May!!

They had a little nice surprise for all attendants:
HachiRock!! Festa 2008 chocolates!
HachiRock!! Festa 2008 chocolates! Yummie! 🙂

You can read (ahum, look at pictures) more here:

I could only dream the AEU86 4th annual meeting would exceed only 50 cars! Maybe if we would make it more exclusive it would attract more hachis. 😉

AE86 Owners Bible at

I was browsing through the inventory of to see if there were anymore interesting deals.

I did find this little gem:
AE86 Owners Bible

It’s the AE86 Owners Bible (not to confuse with the TRD Bible which is totally different!) which features a lot of information about the AE86. Apart from the fact that this is a collectors item, it is mainly a guide for maintaining and tuning (including 20v swap!) your Hachi-roku and how to attain the same skills as the Dori King himself! 😉

I’ve seen them for sale cheaper than this, but then you have either a second hand version or you don’t have the free shipping option. And believe me: shipping from Japan is expensive!

Too bad I don’t have my Trueno anymore… Otherwise I would definetly have bought it, just like I bought my TRD Bible shortly before I sold the Trueno.

Swans of the lake on Mount Haruna

I came across these two Initial D nerds on Youtube:

I think that’s the summit of Initial D fandom: going all the way to mount Haruna (without an Hachi-Roku ofcourse) and don’t knowing what to do there. What else than to take a ride on the lake with a Swan?

Of course it would have gotten much more interesting if they would have done the downhill with the swan! 😛

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