I was browsing through the inventory of Yesasia.com to see if there were anymore interesting deals.

I did find this little gem:
AE86 Owners Bible

It’s the AE86 Owners Bible (not to confuse with the TRD Bible which is totally different!) which features a lot of information about the AE86. Apart from the fact that this is a collectors item, it is mainly a guide for maintaining and tuning (including 20v swap!) your Hachi-roku and how to attain the same skills as the Dori King himself! ;)

I’ve seen them for sale cheaper than this, but then you have either a second hand version or you don’t have the free shipping option. And believe me: shipping from Japan is expensive!

Too bad I don’t have my Trueno anymore… Otherwise I would definetly have bought it, just like I bought my TRD Bible shortly before I sold the Trueno.