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Carina Sightings: Carina GT-TR TA63 by Wasabi Cars

How could I have missed this fantastic video by Wasabi Cars? Or even worse: Daniel even shouted out to me and I only find out two months after he posted up the video on Youtube… How did that happen?
Carina GT-TR TA63 by Wasabi Cars
Well first of all I went on holiday around the same time. As you have read after I came back from holiday my son’s birthday came up, then I had to find and buy a suitable car (getting a sapphire blue Civic delivered next week!) and only now two months later I am starting to catch up with all the videos posted on Youtube… Sorry Daniel, will do a better job next time! ;)

Anyway, finally here is the video: Continue reading

Family Album Treasures: Hayashi Streeted Carina GT-TR

It has been a while since I posted a Family Album Treasure and to be honest, this one does not meet my own definition of one (owner needs to be on the picture as well) but if you look at the picture it actually is:
Family Album Treasures: Carina GT-TR coupe TA63
A photo taken of a photo of a car should meet the requirements, right? ;)

Anyway, this TA63 Toyota Carina GT-TR coupe has been modified a bit somewhere in the 90s. It sits on a pair of dished Hayashi Street rims up front, a pair of (what looks like) dished 3 piece SSR mesh and at the front it received a lip from an AE86 or AE92. Also something odd is to be seen with the front bumper, but that could have been damage that has been repaired.

At the rear a small spoiler has been added: Continue reading

Carina Sightings: GT-TR at Garage Goods

I like to drool over some JDM Carinas from time to time, so when I got that urge I browse the available Carina A60s on Goo-Net. This week I found this excellent Carina GT-TR example for sale at Garage Goods:
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods

I love that bosozoku like chin-spoiler: almost cutting up the road like a razorblade!

From the rear the car looks just as great and do notice all the available cars in the background:
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods

Several Soarers, a Levin, a Trueno Black Limited, Skylines, Silvias, Glorias. Too many cool cars to count!

The interior of the TA63 has been modified with some gauges:
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods

Personally I don’t like gauges and apart from the tach I think they are a bit out of place here…

Last but not least:
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods
Carina GT-TR at Garage Goods

A set of deep dish SSR Mk IIs!

For a mere 650,000 yen (almost 8,000 US dollars) it can be yours.

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