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Digidash standard feature of the early zenki Sprinter Trueno AE86?

The Japanese cartuner Impulse is specialized in tuning and restoring Hachi Rokus (Toyota Corolla AE86). They are currently doing a terrific job on this 1983 Sprinter Trueno:
impulse 1983 Sprinter Trueno rebuild
1983 Sprinter Trueno rebuild

Zenki GT Apex wiring loom
Zenki GT Apex wiring loom

When running Google Translate on the page I got this translation under the wiring loom:
APEX based on vehicle type 1 for the first half of digital meters installed by default.
If I read this information correct the first batch of Zenki (type 1) GT Apex trim of the AE86 featured the digital dash by default. That would mean almost all 1983 and early 1984 hachis featuring a GT Apex trim should feature the digital dash unless the owner actually ordered the car with analogue dash. I tried to double check that with Carland86 and Goo-net and so far I could only verify that most early zenki (should that be zenki-zenki?) JDM Sprinter Trueno AE86s feature the digidash. Most of the Corolla Levins were all featuring the analogue cluster, so would it be a Sprinter Trueno only default? And would this also implicate Bunta Fujiwara did order a Trueno without digidash or that it is a late 1984 or early 1985 model??

To get back to the rebuild, look at how immaculate this rear bench is:
immaculate rear ae86 bench
An immaculate rear AE86 bench

Never seen anything like it!

Eventhough this Sprinter Trueno probably used to be red/black once (due to the brown interior) it looks stunning in white:
stunning panda ae86 painting
Stunning panda AE86 painting

Fast! Leather-covered wolf in sheep! part 2

In may I posted this really nice Carina AA63:
Nicely tunde Carina AA63 leather covered wolf front view

Guess what I found on Goo-net:
Very familiar Carina AA63 with 20v on
Looks familiar?? On the first posting the van next to the carina has been removed and the surroundings have been blurred a bit more…

Nice thing is that we can read a bit more about the options on the car:
– Restorationnone (restorated??)
– 5 MT
– AC
– power steering
– plus power window
– 16-inch aluminum wheel (!)
– Aero parts attached
– Low-down configuration (do they mean lowered?)

And on the Japanse page it states the same as on the page of the garage:
5-valve turbo 4AG other interface details cooler oil cooler!

I think this is just about how I want my TA60 to become. 🙂
Only thing is that the car costs 1260000 yen, which is roughly 8700 euros (12000 dollars!). Compared to what it costs half a year ago (1630000 yen) that’s 25% lower already. Bargain!!
Anyone got a donation for me??? 😛

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