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Let the March Tango into the night! – March-athon

Yesterday I already briefly touched upon the Nissan March Tango’s history. As I concluded, there were so many Nissan March K11 variants that it deserves its own series to highlight each and every one of them. Today we’ll kick off this series with the March Tango simply because I already covered it yesterday.

Today's subject: the Nissan March Tango
Today’s subject: the Nissan March Tango

What is a March Tango?

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Down on the Street: Nissan Micra Gogomobile

This Nissan Micra K11 was literally down on my street: it was parked on the parkinglot across the street!
Down on the Street: Nissan Micra Gogomobile
My first reaction was: what the f*#K is that bodykit?
Then I realized it looked very familiar… A bit like a Mitsuoka or maybe a Riley or Wolseley? But later on I found out the grille is exactly the same shape as the one of a Glas Gogomobile TS250 Coupe!

From the rear the car is a normal Micra: Continue reading

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