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Celica Supra rims mounted on the car!

Yesterday evening I mounted the Celica Supra rims on the car!

Carina GT-R rims on the front rightside of the car
Carina GT-R rims on the rear leftside of the car
As you can see, the offset on the front is good, but on the rear the wheel hides in the fender. This is probably due to the axle being not wide enough for the car. Remember that the solid axle Carinas were featuring the same axle as the AE86 (Corolla) which is less wide than the Carina. I think I need some spacers now. ;)

Carina GT-R rims rightside full view
As you can see I need some lowering springs as well. The front has positive camber (!) and the rear is also a bit too high…

Ordered Falken tires for the Celica Supra rims

I ordered the tires through Delticom ( for the Celica Supra rims yesterday. Falken ZIEX ZE-912 became my choice since I had some good experience with the Falken ZIEX ZE-512 under my Trueno.

This is how they look:
Falken ZIEX ZE-912
The ZE-912 are asymmetric tires which should be a slight improvement above the ZE-512.

Please note that these tires are bought for grip since my Carina is not really a powerhouse, so what use would it be to buy something else than grip tires? ;)

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