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Down on the Street: illest Hungarian Honda Civic EF progress

It has been a bit quit here lately, but I’m back from my vacation to Hungary! Like every year I make photos of all interesting (Japanese) cars I see and like every year I also visited my parents in law. Opposite of their apartment someone owns the illest Honda Civic EF that I covered two…

ITT 2012: Crowd gathering Celica GT

For some reason this genuine Dutch Celica did gather crowds continuously: I think the (very good) reason behind it was that it has a sweet 18R-G engine under its bonnet:…

Random: Wheel of fortune?

Spotted this picture on Ekhatch’s weblog yesterday: Enkei Paramount wheels? Now that is certainly a Wheel of Fortune set of rims! I can already picture Vanna White flipping the letters on the license-plate of the car these wheels are mounted on. 😉