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JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

JDM Trivia #5: Toyota Total Clean System

First of all: Happy new year and all the best wishes for 2016!

Last weeks teaser was: What is this badge and what does TTC stand for?
Toyota Total Clean System
Some guesses were made and some people refrained from googling, but Rookie Tuner provided the correct answer: TTC is an acronym for Toyota Total Clean System.

Japanese Emission Regulations

Just like now in Shanghai and Milan some major cities in Japan during the 60s smog was getting really bad. The Japanese government responded with an emission regulations law in 1968 that would become active in January 1975. Toyota responded to this with the three versions of the Toyota Total Clean System and applied it to various car models. Toyota advertised the Toyota Crown S80 as pure, clean and serene. Almost as if you no longer have to feel guilty for pollution when you are driving a car. Continue reading

DOTS: bright white Daihatsu Copen

Even though the Daihatsu Copen is currently still in the showrooms as a brand new car (available till 31st January 2013) it is actually a very rare sight in the Netherlands. Daihatsu’s mix and match of the VW Beetle and the Nissan Figaro suffers from an image problem that perhaps has something to do with some TV presenter? Or could it be something else?
Daihatsu Copen
Only two have been sold in the Netherlands in 2010, but this example is from a far more popular year: 2006 when an astonishing 112 were sold!

I must say that the mini Beetle lookalike looks better from the rear than the front. Continue reading

Hilarious: Race with clutch in Neutral?

Starter button pulled out? Race with clutch in Neutral? Push the starter button after you drove the car?

You may wonder what gibberish this is… Well, I can explain it with a very simple picture:
1974 Daihatsu Max start instructions
1974 Daihatsu Max start instructions

Kyteler from Retro Classics found these great instructions on a sticker on the door of the 1974 Daihatsu (Fellow) Max he bought last week.

Weird sentences I found so far:
…(don’t depress the accelerator pedal)…: ok, won’t do that. Will tell the accelerator pedal only cheerful stories then! (???)
…starter button pulled out fully…: shouldn’t that be choke? ?(????)
After you race a few times with the clutch in neutral…: Race the car with the clutch in neutral? How am I supposed to do that? Accelerate really fast on the straight and then press the clutch and do a couple of laps?
Immediately after you drive the vehicle, push the starter button completely: huh? Is it running Microsoft Windows or something?

And this sticker is not the only weird thing about this car! [???]
Head over to Retro Classics to see more pictures of his 1974 Daihatsu Max!

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