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Commercial time: Honda Vigor promotional video

This week someone I follow on Youtube posted a promotional video of the Honda Vigor. This typically eighties stylish video was made in 1989 when the third generation Vigor was launched:

I’m not too sure about what it should say… Is it supposed to be a Luxury car for Italian lesbian Countesses? Or is is supposed to be a fun car for the driver (gear shifting with an automatic, jumping through narrow Italian streets)? Or is it supposed to say that anyone buying this drives a RHD car on the wrong side of the road? I don’t know, but maybe there is a hidden message behind that stylish eighties video…

Oh, and an Engrish mistake in the credits: apparently everyone but the cast is not considered human anymore:
Honda Vigor promotional video - Engrish error: Stuff instead of Staff
Honda Vigor promotional video – Engrish error: Stuff instead of Staff

Commerical time: Toyota Magnum PI?

What does Toyota have in common with Ferrari? Simple: both were selling their cars through the Magnum P.I. image!

When the Magnum P.I. television series aired in 1980 the sales of the Ferrari 308 GTS (and other models) boomed. Tom Selleck’s favorite car had so much appeal to the audience that everyone loved the car, including me! Even though I was only a little boy back in the early 80s that 308 GTS is somehow burned in my mind together with the image of a mustache wearing P.I.

Apparently Toyota thought the sex appeal of Thomas Magnum was strong enough to sell the “sporty” 1982 Mark II GX61:

To be honest: the 1G-GEU sounds really sporty…when modified the right way… But it will never sound as good as the V8 of any 308! ;)

The same salaryman features in the second commercial in this clip:

But then he promotes the Mark II Grande Limited. The seats of that Grande Limited look like one of those very comfortable couches from the 60s my grandma used to own. Mmmmm, soft! ;)

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