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DOTS: Miata hunting (part nineteen) plus bonus

After two Miataless months I thought it would be and excellent time to post up something I snapshotted half a year ago when I was at the Santa Clara conference hall. A USDM Miata had been parked at the conference parkinglot and while I was searching my bag for my HTC phonecam a white Celica…

SF Bay area: Toyota Celica GT RA42 on Wats!

Just before I spotted yesterdays Datsun 510 I also spotted this Celica GT RA42 with some massive RS Watanabe rims! Celica GT RA42 on RS Watanabe rims If you think massive, how wide would you reckon these rear wheels would be? Celica GT RA42 on RS Watanabe rims 8J? 9J?