My heart skipped a beat or two when I opened up Youtube today! A video of the infamous Carina Firevan!
AE86lan uploaded a video of the Firevan shot earlier today at Fuji International Speedway (FISCO) and you will get a very very good insight in how amazing the Firevan actually is and how much it has been changed in the past year!

Just look at how much the van was lowered: its diff and exhaust are almost scraping the road. Its 3SGE BEAMS blacktop with ITBs is still an amazing sight under that hood. Another change is that the driver seat has been moved backwards between the front and rear door, the steeringwheel was made longer and the pedalbox have been moved back as well, I only wonder how you can shift if the shifter is still at the normal spot… It appears as if the owner either wishes to attend drag races with the Carina van or could this be a new automotive trend?